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Caroline Monroe: Ghost Town

Caroline's New CD: Ghost Town Out Now!

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Caroline Monroe was born in Cobb County, an Atlanta suburb, in 1981. Her father is a writer, her mother teaches nuclear medicine and she's rumored to be a distant relative of Bill Monroe, the father of bluegrass music. This fusion of creativity, science, and the high lonesome sound may be the reason she became a country singer who works for a pharmaceutical company.

Caroline was a shy girl who opened up when she moved to Atlanta in middle school to live with her father and brother. She would lock herself in her room singing show tunes at the top of her lungs. Annoyed, her brother Matt, bassist for the '90s Atlanta punk group Level Head, made Caroline listen to some of his rock CDs, fearful that she wouldn't like anything but the songs from "Cats."

She opened up even more in high school when she joined several choirs and started singing solos. While studying biology at the University of Georgia, Caroline branched away from sheet music, polished her guitar playing and fronted the rock band Umpteen. However, listening to country acts with her peers in Athens, she realized that country suited her voice better than rock. She also loved the stories told in country music, which led her to collaborate with producer Fester Hagood and her father, Doug Monroe, on story-telling songs like "See Rock City."

Now that "Ghost Town" is finished, she's in the process of booking more gigs, putting a band together, writing new songs, and making guest appearances with "The Last Waltz Ensemble."